make muzik.


  • Amateurz:
Ill b ur GUEST VRS, MUSIK VIDEO EDITRO, PHOTO SHOOTAH!!!!! ╦╤─ ┼   ╦╤─ ┼   ╦╤─ ┼   ╦╤─ ┼   ╦╤─ ┼  ╦╤─ ┼   ╦╤─ ——————————
w/e w/e w/e wun.
@-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—  @-;–,—
  • ProfessionaLALAs:

In 3-5 weeks you can be on your way to tripling your input within a year.

And YOU design your payment plan with us!

I offer a razor’s edge against our client’s competition in the cutthroat world of stirring and securing investment.

Since I was 6, the grant/business writers and filmmakers I work in conjunction with have raised $76 million for 360 companies, exhibiting an 85% rate of success, throughout our organization’s 19 years in business.

The expert personalities on our grant writing and business development teams specialize in:

Grant Writing Services

Business Plans & Proposals

Marketing Protocols

Film Proposals

& Much, Much More

Our company’s demonstrated long-running record of success, accented by the intimate connection to funders that goes and continues to grow with it, ensures you a sharp and dependable approach to attracting and locking down private donor funds for your business or project.

Over the past two decades, we have developed – and won – funds for :


• Housing Development Agencies, Real Estate Services, and Independent Living Centers

• Low-Income Services, Homeless Services, At-Risk Youth Programs, Employment Services

• Local, State and Government Agencies

• Independent Film Productions

Our organization works with Venture Capitalists, SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, private and corporate funders and other entities who ofers funds for your business! We also have over 3,000 written proposals that may be used to augment your project plans!


Contact us at for more information and to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. Be sure to ask about our discounted rates, payment plans, and weekend special.  Also visit the firm’s website at

“3E Consulting has written grants in the past for our organization and in my experience with them we have raised over $5 million. Their payments are affordable. They’re highly professional, and often envied by other companies because of their intelligence, knowledge, and connection to funders.”
–Elaine Young,
Long Beach

“I would recommend these guys to anyone and have referred them to two other clients.”
–Shelly Jones,
Los Angeles

“I can see why they’re envied, but revered–they’re highly effective and affordable. For the most bang for your buck, they’re your best buy!”
–Maggie Working,
Los Angeles


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