make muzik.

jAnAmArUdUAt – BUHR BUHN #scoo #ov #hahrd #knokqcyx

For the moment. Live.
Uncut so for life wives want to cut.
Fuck one-time a bunch of times.
Ambience is smut.
Peeped somnambulists enough.
I’m creeping with wanga gut.
Release sleep and fuck with Rhombomaculata cuff,
rough-patched damask brusqueness.
Bums rush, walk on glass.
Shards masticated. Spanking Mandelilah’s banks.
Shlock who’s side seeting;
I evisceraid, stab up your vicinity’s sinuous ave.
I stand, yanking grandy terra firma; bent.
Cramming creamy cane stalk;
calk hard-body beaming apropos authen mucky koi murky effulgence.
Keep the cheekies gleaming. Blash!
Oh kay, forget yourselves.
Hoist your moistened shelves.
Foist; get yourself. Oi, point takers!
Zoink chit! Coitus.
Bitch boys is voiceless when we get boisterous; swell.
‘No pain in, no gaining,’
so May I’m Bay to Breaker ankle-weight tapering,
Scrape tips, getting my loin, wrists
excessively rubbed-raw scrapered.
Blisterate. Reflexing poignant.
Jacking off; imagine hacking that yazmean-blossomed yak clot
Pick your panocha, chisel your cacha, jump through your yak clot.
Unuooll cul-collapsing out. So split, pinching, blowuh BLOAW!
Apophis. Boa-ouroboroses. Don’t obviate. Ohew!
Windmilling. Final drum flinging pum-funhouse walls awled.
Salvia-fit reminiscent constriction, coming down
tilted. Drowsily. Lousy. Loud.
Knocked a bitch down. Shot the bitch.


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